The Big, Bad Wolf


Pretty nasty word, right?

If you’re like me, you know Procrastination very well. You’re intimate, you share secrets with each other. And if you’re like me, you don’t find out until it’s too late.

You don’t find out that your best friend Procrastination is actually a demon in disguise.

That sounded a little odd, didn’t it? Maybe I should back up a bit.

When you write, you will have writer’s block probably 65% of the time. That’s common among writers. You will never have a steady stream of inspiration to come hold you up and keep you writing. However, despite writer’s block, you will always need to have the willpower to come back to your writing and brainstorm your story out.

Here’s where Procrastination comes for a visit.

When I have writer’s block, I brainstorm for a few hours. I take a break, planning on jumping back to work the next day…

Three days later, I still haven’t opened my computer… I’m too busy talking to Procrastination.

At the time, Procrastination is like a cosy house. You hide inside it, letting Miss Procrastination make excuses for you while you toast your feet by the fire. Everything seems taken care of. Until Mr. Consequences comes stomping up the walkway.

Uh oh.

He’s like a big, bad wolf: angry, aggressive, and totally merciless. There is no way to stop him. Mr. Consequences bellows at you while you hide behind Miss Procrastination. He commands you to come out and face him. Unfortunately, you are locked inside Procrastination’s house. Mr. Consequences huffs, and he puffs.


He just blew Miss Procrastination away, and you are left standing in the open, faced with Mr. Consequences. Literally.

I’m pretty sure you get the picture.

My whole point is that procrastinating is comfortable at the time, but you will always have consequences. A late paper, a bad grade, a deleted document.

Especially with writing, procrastination can be the worst thing you ever do. A lot of times, writing is based off ideas that are relevant. But if you haven’t worked with your story in several weeks, you will find that you have lost touch with everything about it. You have no feeling, no ties with those characters you worked so hard to build.

Of course, there is a time when you need to sit back and let Inspiration recharge. I understand that. But there is a difference between taking a break and “taking a break.”

Think about it. List your excuses for not writing.

Are you actually unable to write because more important things have come up? (Which will happen, I guarantee)

Or are your excuses the little whisperings Miss Procrastination is throwing out in the air for you? You’d better be careful, you never know when Mr. Consequences will come and spoil the party.

Hope you’re writing in a house of your own,

-Julia H-

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