Braving the Second Draft Slump

So, as I mentioned in the post last week, I’ve been working on editing my novel.

Let me introduce you to the term second draft slump.

Although it generally occurs just after completing your first read through of your book, it can happen at any point during your second draft.

It’s when your inner critic decides to stick his nose up at your book. It tells you stuff like ‘was all that time really worth it?’ and ‘this stinks’ and lots of comparing yourself to published books.

Shut that inner critic down right away.

Yes, it’s helpful if the critic tells you something specific you need to fix, but if it’s just making broad statements, it’s not helping you fix it. It’s dragging you down into a quagmire of self doubt and pity.

Don’t get stuck in that quagmire.

Don’t compare yourself and your book to already published books, because they’ve gone through so many editors, it’s not even funny.

Don’t start doubting yourself, okay?

Imagine that vision that led you to write the book in the first place, take a few deep breaths, and relax.

It will get there.

Now, for a couple of do’s.

Do start brainstorming ways to fix your book, and apply them.

Do read articles that will help you on your way.

Most importantly, do reach out to any close friends (writers or not) to ask them for encouragement.

Wishing for you to get through the second slump soon (and eternally loving the word ‘quagmire’),

Rebecca M.

Discussion: Have you been through the second draft slump before? At what point in the second draft did you experience it? How did you get through it?

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