Environments for the Eager

You might think this is stupid or unnecessary, but it’s really important.

Almost as important as coffee… yum, yum.


Where you write directly affects what you write.

Depending on your personality, you’ll pick different types of locations. You might pick a bare closet with no windows and nothing in it except a hard wooden desk and an uncomfortable chair.

Something like an interrogation room. Yeah, that’s a good description.

Or you may want to sit in the middle of a train station and stare for hours on end at your blank computer screen, wondering why you can’t write when there is deafening noise all around you.

Huh, that’s odd.

My point is, pick a place that is both quiet and comfortable. You need to find a balance. Don’t shut yourself in a cold, ugly room that is both lonely and dead quiet. You’ll never find inspiration and the surroundings might affect your mental stability. Don’t sit somewhere where there is commotion or tons of people. That also might affect your mental stability.

Find a cozy chair, like a love seat or a squishy office chair. DO NOT GET ONE THAT SWIVELS!! Believe me, swivel chairs are addicting and distracting. When you’re supposed to be writing, you will end up staring off into space and spinning round and round without even realizing it. Though I love swivel chairs, they have a mind of their own and love to break your focus.

Pick somewhere where there is room for inspiration. You could have something that could remind you of your book, or even just something you associate with inspiration. Like a golf ball. Or a stuffed animal. It can be anything. Even a pen that doesn’t work. That could be a reminder of all the times you tried to write and failed and how often writer’s block ruins your life…

On second thought, don’t use something like that. Use positive objects. Even the thought of (I can’t say the word) w-r-i-t-e-r-s b-l-o-c-k can cause your brain to FREEZE.

And it almost happened to me right now. Getting back on topic…

Sit in a soothing environment. No, I’m not going to tell you to have yoga candles or whatever they use sitting with you. Just somewhere where it’s peaceful and relatively quiet.


Surround yourself with something enjoyable. Nature is a perfect example. The fresh air can motivate you to write something amazing. Sitting on a secluded beach would be perfect… And if you don’t have access to anything similar, then just sit in an area you like to be in. A quiet coffee shop or your living room. Coffee would be great to have too…

WARNING: DO NOT SIT SOMEWHERE THAT HAS THE PERFECT ENVIRONMENT FOR YOU TO FALL ASLEEP! If you fall asleep, you’ll never get anything done, and your mind will go into complete cozy mode. Not good.

Hope you try these tips out! Where you write really does affect your inspiration.

Choose your environment well!

-Julia H.

A photo by Rula Sibai. unsplash.com/photos/nIkuMWT4Imc
This looks like a nice place to gather ideas…



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