Style Time

{A little while back, we had a request for a grammar and fonts post. Well, here it is! (Once again, a few of our authors were unable to  participate, but we gathered up opinions from as many of our contributors as we could.)}


Grammar and fonts.

That’s kinda a tough one. When it comes to fonts, I usually choose whatever style fits my genre. If it’s fantasy/medieval, I’ll choose something that has more of a graceful tilt to it, or something that looks mystical. If my genre is dystopian or sci-fi, I’ll choose a font that’s more down-to-earth and has a hard look.

It’s pretty much the same with grammar, and point of view. It depends on the story. But I love writing in first person. It helps keep my writing active and allows for some really neat writing tricks. Usually, I write first person, present tense. Again, it helps keep my writing active, and it’s just a lot of fun.

I’m not the best at commas or other yucky grammar stuff, but I know enough to keep my writing readable, and I’m mostly on my own with that.

And that’s about it…

I really love choosing fonts and what kind of “person” I’m writing in…It’s one of my fav. things about creative writing…

So yeah.

-Julia H.


My main thing with fonts is they have to be readable, so I use Courier or Times New Roman. Sometimes I play around with colors (blue is my favorite!) just for fun, though.

As for grammar, I’m normally pretty good with it. Sometimes I use an app like Grammarly. I also like this website,, because it tells you what grade level your writing is at. (I usually go no higher than 9th or 10th grade).

It makes sure your language isn’t too flowery.

-Rebecca M.

I usually like using the Times New Roman font, or Avenir Light. I’m not sure why, but I really like Avenir. It’s simple and bold, like me.  🙂
Sometimes, though, like when I am writing in journal form, I use Comic San MS or I get a handwriting font from FontSpace. It’s a super cool website where you can search and download any types of fonts: star wars fonts, handwriting fonts, whatever really.


As for grammar, I usually try to have the best grammar possible. Although sometimes, if the character is meant to talk with bad grammar, then I write it like that. I usually picture my character, who they are, how they speak, and then write like that.

-Susanna Q.

That was fun! Hope you enjoyed reading it! 

What kind of fonts and grammar do you use? What are your favorites? 

Talk about a cool font…

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