Twists and Turns

How many times should you surprise your readers?

If you’re like me, you hate books that are predictable, stereotypical. (No, I wasn’t trying to rhyme.) You want to read a book that keeps you hanging onto every word, flipping the pages nand trying so hard not to resist the urge to jump to the end just to see what happens.

But, in regards to your very own novel, how much is too much?

Because you know your own preferences so well, you might accidentally, unintentionally find yourself over doing it.

People don’t like it when you kill characters every three chapters, or have something horrific and horrible happen every five pages.

It’s tiring, and frankly, it’s boring.

Excitement and plot twists work so well in books because they aren’t common.

Plot twists get boring when that’s all your book is about. 

If you think readers don’t want to have to read something boring about the life of someone else, that you need to keep the book filled with deaths and gore and everything blah blah blah… you need to rethink your life…

The only way to make your plot twist fresh and exciting, is to have something normal in between. Something that people can relate to. Everyday people don’t have spaceships crash-landing in their backyard, I know. But everyday people also don’t have every single one of their relatives die on a bright, Sunday afternoon with no warning.

At least, I haven’t heard of anybody who’s had that happen to them…

Readers like books they can relate to. And if you have five HUNDRED plot twists condensed into three chapters, they’re going to yawn and throw your book away.

Have you seen the Batman Vs. Superman film?

Explosions. More explosions. What’s that? Oh, explosions.

Explosions get old.

The same thing happens to plot twists.

Don’t bore your readers with too many twists and turns.


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