Rebooting in 5 simple Steps

So let’s just assume you’ve finished your first draft. Or first chapter. Or first word.

Doesn’t matter what it is. If you have reached a goal that you set for yourself, you probably have no idea how to reboot your inspiration and reload all that data that somehow is hiding in your brain.

Well. You are not alone.

(I think. Pretty sure.)

And since you are NOT alone, and since if you’ve kept reading this so far, you’re probably searching for a way to fix this.

1. Throw a party. Not joking whatsoever. You need to make sure your inspiration feels appreciated!! Do something nice for yourself. Eat chocolate. A  lot of it. Watch movies. Lots of those too. Read books. Don’t stop.

2. Sleep. Yes, I am a writer. I know exactly how much your body is deprived of sleep. You stay up late, get up early, stay up late, get up early. By the time you’ve reached your goal, your eyes are heavy, your brain hurts every time you open your computer screen. There is a simple remedy to that, believe it or not. What you have to do is as follows: around 10 p.m., go into your bedroom, turn off your light, climb into your covers, close your eyes, and sleep. WOW!! Amazing, right? But really. Sleep is important.

3. Stay away from your computer screen. It is scientifically proven (somewhere?) that staring at the computer screen and typing is bad for your brain somehow. (Yes, I just told you to watch movies. That’s different. Not really.) When you’re that close to a screen, it hurts your eyes, gives you headaches, and disrupts your sleep cycle. Taking time off from reading on the computer or typing on the computer will honestly help.

4. Don’t write. I know that everyone tells you just to write gibberish or whatever until something coherent comes out. But when you’ve reached a goal that you’ve been working at for awhile, that is seriously the worst thing you can do. You’ll burn yourself out. You’ll ruin any ideas that are left in your squishy, tired brain.

5. Exercise! This is probably the most important. You’ve been sitting at your desk, chair, etc. for soooo long, that your muscles have started to atrophy. And when that happens, you know that your brain has followed your body’s example. So. Move around. Do HIIT workouts. Cardio is the best. If you want some free exercise videos that have a range of difficulty levels, check out

There you have it. Rebooting in 5 simple steps.

Hope this helps, and make sure you give your inspiration, #yourself, a big high five or a hug. Whichever you prefer.

-Julia H.




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