Why To Write Every Day

Write every day.  I mean it.

I have come to learn that writing is a lot like a sport.  I am a cross country runner, and I am supposed to run every day.

When I skip a couple days, then my next run is absolutely miserable.  When I run consistently, though, I have much nicer runs and my muscles improve, even if I throw in some short and easy runs.

This goes the same with writing.

If you write every day, even if you write just a little sometimes, it will make all your writing days be a lot smoother than if you skip around.

When you stop working out your writing muscles, they don’t improve. In fact, it makes it harder to write the next time.  This idea of writing daily can be hard, though, which I understand.  Here are a few ideas I had to help you out with your journey towards writing daily.

  1. Journal

        Journaling is a great way to get yourself in the habit of writing daily.  It doesn’t have to be long, it doesn’t have to be interesting, and it definitely doesn’t have to be well written.  Nobody else is going to see it, just you.  So go, write about how you ate your breakfast cereal at a new record pace of thirty spoonfuls per minute.  It will help on the days where you have writer’s block or little time.  It also is a great place to store ideas that might come in handy later on.

2. Pick a time and stick with it

         Trying to do something regularly can be hard to get used to.  If you pick a certain time when you will try to write, it can really help.  Maybe you can wake up ten minutes earlier every day or write during lunch.  Whenever this time comes by, remember the promise you made yourself and pick up a notebook and write.  If something happens and you can’t write then, make sure you make a note about it and go back to write later.  Stick with the time that you made as much as you can.  This will be hard at first but eventually it will just be a habit.

 3. Find someone to keep you accountable

         Having the pressure of having to report to someone and tell them if you did indeed write like you said you would or not is extremely helpful.  Find a fellow writing buddy or even a trustworthy friend and tell them about your plan of daily writing.  Ask them to regularly check up with you and remind you of the goal you set for yourself, as well as ask you if you have been sticking with it.  It will be a lot harder for you to be lazy and not write if you have some incentive from out of the house.

4. Rediscover your passion for writing.

Now, if all of these other tips haven’t been working, try this one. Maybe the reason your writing feels sluggish is because it is! That’s a sign of you needing to take a step back and look at what made you want to write in the first place. Hold on to that. Stick with it. And from these sparks of inspiration may fly a brand new creation of your own.

        So there you have it, four ways to help you start writing on a daily basis.  2017 is coming up. Writing daily can become one of your New Year’s resolutions.

Whatever you end up doing, I hope I have encouraged you to keep exercising and improving those writing muscles.

-Madeleine K

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