Once Upon A Time…

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You know what’s easy? Dying is easy, young man. Living is harder. I’m kidding, but bonus points if you got the reference. Okay, but you know what’s seriously hard? Writing a story. You are pretty much creating something out of nothing, letters into words into sentences into paragraphs into pages into chapters into books.

You know what it starts with? An idea.

You know what else? Sometimes, ideas are…crazy. And I don’t mean crazy, like haha, that’s a little weird but it works, but crazy as in they sound so far-fetched that no one will ever understand what you’re trying to get across. My last story was about a boy who was trying to find his parents who had undiscovered magic powers. Before that, a girl who met another girl in her mirror who took her to another dimension. Before that, a girl who wrote letters to her dead friend.

Essentially, what I’m saying is that ideas for stories are crazy, but that’s what makes them unique. Nobody wants to read another story about a girl who moves to the middle of nowhere and becomes homecoming queen at the end of the book. However, I know that coming up with good ideas is not easy – so here’s a bunch of them to get your juices flowing

What I’ve done is come up with a few ideas that could start / be the plot of your story, but here’s the catch: they are all very vague. None of them have details, a main character, a setting – they are for you to interpret and take apart and make your own. Bonus points if you combine more than one for an extra-awesomesauce story.

  1. A person arrives in the MC’s life with several injuries that have nothing to do with their profession.
  2. The MC is constantly tortured with someone else’s flashbacks.
  3. The story takes place within two hours.
  4. A family reunion takes place, but the MC is sure there is something more that’s supposed to be happening.
  5. Test results say that the MC and their companion are no longer allowed to interact with each other.
  6. The MC receives a startling phone call from their mother.
  7. Someone is involved in not a love triangle, but a love square.
  8. Two crimes that seem unconnected actually are.
  9. A character takes a dare that ends up horribly wrong.
  10. The MC is tasked with reshaping the hopeless sports team.
  11. After spending too much on something worth too little, the MC’s sister ungratefully declines the gift.
  12. The MC is suspected of sabotage.
  13. The MC has 24 hours to get rid of 10 million dollars.
  14. Two unlikely people must get over their fear of _____ to face _____.
  15. The MC constantly push back a project that was due three months ago because they are always gone on the day that they say they will turn it in.
  16. A character is a robot that runs on fuel, but possesses a human heart and brain.
  17. A social psychologist has been conducting several experiments on human behavior, and the MC has coincidentally been involved in all of them.
  18. An assassin is sent to kill someone they are very close to.
  19. The MC hitches a ride home during a taxi strike.
  20. A bank robbery goes terribly wrong.
  21. The MC is staying out of town for Christmas, and they’re snowed in.
  22. The MC is blackmailing their best friend.
  23. The MC is in love with someone for a very strange reason.
  24. The MC receives a marriage proposal from a child.
  25. The MC has to make a life or death decision regarding something of small proportions.

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