Getting out of Writer’s Block and Into the Heads of Your Characters.

    Have you ever sat down to write and found yourself very uninspired to write, bored of your book, or in a terrible case of writer’s block.  Any serious writer will admit that they have felt at least a portion of each of these trouble’s at some point. I have a few simple solutions that never fail me, and I am going to share them with you.

      The number one solution to all of the above problems is to immerse yourself into your character’s minds.

     How do you do this you ask? Well, it’s actually much simpler than you would imagine and there are numerous ways of doing so.  Here are my select go to methods of immersing myself into my character’s heads.

  1. Listen to the type of music your characters like or the type of music that expresses the mood your character is in.  I know a lot of people frown upon listening to music especially music with lyrics while writing, but I personally find that it helps me a lot.
  2. Find a writing prompt that can be used to write about a part of one of your character’s past and spend some time discovering more about your character.
  3. Try to see your characters in your daily life. This will give you insight into what you should write about next.
  4. Whenever you are in a situation try to discern how your characters would respond to that given situation, helping you learn more about them.
  5. Finally, take some fun personality tests and place yourself into the mindset of your character. It’s like a warmup for writing from their perspective.

I hope these suggestions help you to move past your various forms of writer’s block.



2 thoughts on “Getting out of Writer’s Block and Into the Heads of Your Characters.

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