The Best Apps for Writing

How do you sort between the good apps and those that you could do without on a market exploding with cheap, poorly-done options on one side of the spectrum, or good-quality options that will break your bank on the other?

Don’t worry! There’s still hope! Here’s a list of different apps I have either personally used or seen highly recommended to help you guys out.
1. Scrivener.
I cannot emphasize this one enough, as it’s my favorite one. It does cost more, but if you win NaNoWriMo, they give you a code for 50% off, dropping it from $40 to $20. I find this is the best. It lets me keep all my brainstorming in one file, and combined with the mobile app and the app for either Mac OSX or Windows (connected by Dropbox), it allows me to write literally everywhere. It has literally revolutionized how I write. There are so many options, to the point where I haven’t even used them all. If you’re a serious writer who’s looking to take the next step, this is the one program that I recommend over anything else.
2. Ulysses
While I haven’t used this myself as it’s for OSX and I have a Windows laptop, I’ve heard a bunch of great things about it. It’s efficient, and its’ functionality is just as good as Scrivener’s.
3. YWriter
This one is a free one I’ve tried out. It’s very great for those who want simple, efficient functionality, and while it doesn’t have the bells and whistles of Scrivener, it’s a free option in exchange.
4. Aeon Timeline.
I haven’t tried this one, either, as it’s for OSX, but I’ve wanted so badly to try it. It’s an excellent timeline aid for those who love extensive outlining (planners, anyone?), and it’s fairly cheap.
5. Write or Die
This is great for those who find that a time crunch and a threat looming over your head gets the words flowing, or those who like a reward method. There are two settings: consequence or stimulus. Stimulus shows you picture of a kitten or other relaxing pictures the more you write. However, consequence either blares loud music and shows pictures of spiders or literally deletes your writing if you’re not keeping a consistent pace.

Well, that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed this, and please comment down below and tell me if you have any programs that you love that you think should be on the list!
-Rebecca M.

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