Reblogging- Rights & Common Courtesy

It never dawned on me that certain posts could attract enough attention to where I would be making this post. But here we are!

This goes out to all the businesses and others that want to repost a blog post on their own blogs from us or from other people.


#1. Contact the Original Posters if Possible.

When in doubt, contact the orginal creators. It’s nice and lets people know that you care about their opinion on the matter. Some people either don’t want anything from their blogs being posted somewhere else for personal reasons, but most of the time, it’s just decent to ask before you act.


#2. Don’t Post the Full Excerpt.

If for some reason you can’t get ahold of the creator, this is the next best thing. Some people like getting recognition but they don’t want it coming at the cost of their online traffic to their site. When you post the full post somewhere else, you instantly decrease their chances of getting people going to their blog because it’s on your own.

Reviews and quotes are perfectly fine. You’re even okay if you reblog 1/3 of the post as a teaser, and link the rest of the post for those who would like to finish it. But I personally don’t recommend reblogging the entire blog post.


#3. Always Be Sure to Credit The Original Posters.

The one of the worst things that you could do to the original creator is to not give credit were credit is due. Otherwise that, my friends, is stealing- and stealing is wrong. Don’t steal. Always be sure that you advertise and credit the correct people for their hard work.


#4. Don’t Purposely Twist Words or Take Words Out of Context.

This is the absolute WORST that can happen to a creator/poster. They put time and energy into something that they’re proud enough to post online, and then someone comes along and changes it just enough to where it sounds like they’re the type of person who takes candy from children and make babies cry. This usually happens to the type of bloggers who blog about sensitive matters such as racism or political views. I doubt that if you’re the type of person to twist words like so, you’ll actually take this particular rule into consideration- but I’ll put this rule here just for the sake of it.


That’s everything that comes to mind at the moment. If you’re someone who enjoys our blog and wants to share it, we and many others would be super grateful if you took these things into consideration.

As always, thanks for taking your time to read this post!


~Felicity Annora


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