The Art of the Essay


      Obviously, all of us bloggers are passionate about writing, which is the reason we discuss the keys to large projects such as novels, but being the eldest of a large family and having many siblings who are not so passionate about writing, I have come to the realization that some of our current or future readers may be following this blog for the hopes of gaining some valuable information on more realistic writing dilemmas, such as writing an essay.  

      I have decided to dedicate my writer’s brain to give you a general outline, explaining the art of writing an essay.  Once you get into the habit of writing an essay using this formula, you are almost guaranteed not to fail.   

     This outline is based on the common five paragraph structure, but do not get that confused with a short essay. The five paragraph structure can be followed for essays with more paragraphs, but also most of my five paragraph essays are at least five pages long, so you can follow this structure exactly and come out with a long  essay.

Step 1: If you have the opportunity to choose your prompt, pick something that you are passionate about.  This will help you to really delve into your studies, and without you even realizing it, force you to have a decent essay because who would want to screw up something they were passionate about?  

     If you can’t choose your prompt, find a way to make yourself feel passionate about it.  Again, emotional attachment is an incredible help.

Step 2: Use a Sentence Skeleton Outline to help you begin organizing your thoughts.  I like to write the first and last sentence of each paragraph to make sure my introductions and conclusions flow well into each other.  

Step 3: Your Introduction paragraph should follow this general outline.

1: Strong Opening (Possibly even a quote)

2: Sentence addressing your general topic

  1. At Least one sentence addressing your first topic aka first paragraph
  2. At Least one sentence addressing your second topic
  3. At least one sentence addressing your third topic
  4. Sentence addressing general topic
  5. Thesis statement: I like to use a three pronged thesis, which follows this outline. Topic is good because topic 1, topic 2, topic 3.

Step 4: Flow smoothly into your first body paragraph.  Make sure it is at least seven sentences and sticks to the topic.

Step 5: Flow smoothly out of first body paragraph and into second body paragraph. Follow same rules as first body paragraph.

Step 6. FLow smoothly out of second body paragraph and into third body paragraph. Follow body paragraph rules.

Step 7: Reflect your thesis statement as your first sentence for the concluding paragraph.

Step 8: Like the introduction, have at least one sentence for each topic, atleast one sentence stating about the general topic, and a strong concluion.

Step 9: statement about general topic

Step 10: Have a strong Conclusion.

Extra Note: It is normally a good idea to include quotes in your body paragraphs, but be sure  to always properly cite your sources. Owl Purdue is a great website to help with that.


There you go, the art of the essay. I hope this helps you to make great grades in your writing classes.


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