Our Three Favorite Characters We Have Ever Written and Why

Melayna: Toby, Theodora, and Ed

   I have written many short stories, some poetry, and a couple of novels, but there are three characters that particularly stick out in my head when I consider which characters I enjoyed creating the most.  Those characters are Toby, Theodora, and Ed.

Toby: In my novel, “Reborn”, Toby is an eight year old boy with Down Syndrome who is almost completely inarticulate.  I have a lot of experience with special needs kids, so I really enjoyed expressing the beauty and joy they bring to the world through Toby.  It was also very fun to find ways to give him a prominent personality and an engaging character that drew the readers in emotionally without having him speak.

Theodora: Theodora is the mother of Toby.  She is a lost young woman who lives very much in her head.  She is undergoing deep depression and hatred of herself which she takes out on the people around her.  Her story is a story of redemption. I loved writing her character because her development was incredible to write and observe.  I had many amazing spiritual moments when writing this character.  Her character development was an adventure for me. I had originally intended for her to be a minor character just playing the antagonist in the story, but in the end, the novel became about her and her redemption and conversion of heart.  I was really able to get into her head and it was definitely an incredible experience.

Ed: Ed is the main character in my most recent novel “The Illusion of Happiness”. Ed is a young man with a lot of personal problems due to parental abuse. He believes that he has found the recipe for happiness, and he sets out to live the “ideal” life.  During his new life, he runs into a convent and befriends some very unlikely people, a young nun and priest, and learns what true happiness is.   I enjoyed writing his story, partly because it was my first experience with staying in third person, but mostly because it was my first experience writing from a guy’s perspective.  To tell you the truth, it was a lot easier than  I had expected and I enjoyed it tremendously.  I think I did a pretty good job writing from the perspective of the opposite gender because I tend to get along better with guys, and I have five brothers, but whatever it was, I will definitely be writing from men’s’ perspectives more often.


Julianna: Barney, Watson, and Drew

When you have a lot of characters, it’s hard to pick your favorite three. I’m sitting here, cringing, as I pick these three, because they have so many wonderful traits, and yet what about the others? Don’t they deserve to shine, too? Yes, obviously, but these are definitely my favorite.

Barney: In the last story that I wrote, there was Barney. And he was a new kind of character for me, because he was vulnerable. He is often scared of the future and doesn’t know what do around pretty girls who tease him. He’s also set in the Victorian Era, something I’ve never written before. He struggles to understand his newfound magic powers even with the help of his new friends. I think what I like about him so much is that he is like me a lot – he’s terrified of what’s next; he doesn’t want to face the antagonist. But he’s definitely driven, and once he gets started with something, he’s sure to finish it,

Watson: So there’s this character that I have, and his name is Watson. And it’s kind of unfortunate for him, because in the story that he’s in, he’s dead. He died from cancer at nineteen, but the story goes much further than that. If angels appeared on earth, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was one. He’s the sweetest person you’ve ever met, adopted at age five. He goes by his last name (Maverick Watson) as he tries to fit in with his new family. Even after he truly integrates into their family, he keeps the name as his own. Watson is very good at listening to people, and even though all you get from the story is one girl’s perspective on him, her perspective shows how kind he was to her when no one else was.

Drew: I’m going to be honest – I’ve never actually written anything with Drew. I’ve roleplayed with her tons of times, but I’ve never sat her down in her canon story and written something. And yet, she is still my favorite character. She is the first character I remember creating, and she stuck. The way her personality has developed over four and a half years is astonishing, which also shows my development as a writer. I love her because she’s so much like me, but just enough so that I still sound like a good person xD Warning: Approach this woman with caution. She’s very aggressive and it’s hard for her to make friends. She’s an exceptional dancer, and is able to hold her ground. She’s a feminist, and is a really tough woman who won’t let things stand in her way, who can pick herself up off the ground and get going again.


Becca: Margaret, Finn, and Ceredwin

I’ll give some background on Margaret/Finn. They’ve been best friends since birth and, through a series of circumstances (sorry, no spoilers today!), they end up becoming integral to putting down a rebellion in their kingdom.

Margaret: I love Margaret because she’s plucky, intelligent, and makes all of these fantastical scenarios I place her in so much more real by reacting in very human ways. She’s so strong to endure all of the obstacles placed in her path (sorry about those!), and that mental toughness is one of her key features. But then, despite all of her suffering, she manages to put a positive spin on almost any situation. Sadly, for plotting reasons, I had to make her have a negative character arc, and she actually ends up with a condition akin to madness. But that does not diminish her glory and I absolutely love her as a character.

Finn: Finn is in my top ten of favorite male characters I’ve written. He’s funny, he’s sarcastic, he’s genuinely sweet, and he’s all of that without seeming like a female character because of his wide range of emotions. I’m particularly proud of his dialogue, which serves as comedic relief or keen insight on what’s going on, depending on the scene. I really wanted to highlight how guys aren’t -just- strong or -just- sensitive. They can be physically and mentally strong, but appreciate emotions and empathize with other people.

Ceredwin: So Ceredwin comes from an entirely different story world than that of Margaret and Finn’s. She lives in a world where the rulers are elected, but nobility titles can be earned through wealth or marriage. I like her because she’s not afraid to stand up to the crowd. She can stand there, head held high, and proclaim to hundreds of people that their opinions are wrong without flinching (until afterwards). But instead of the sword-wielding heroine who’s magically stronger than all other opponents, her main strength is her intelligence. Sure, she can shoot a bow and arrow, or fight with a dagger, but she knows that those things are not necessary. That if you outsmart the opponent from the beginning, there’s no need. I also like how she’s not any less feminine because of her interest in things other than typical girl things, and she doesn’t scorn people who do love those things. She’s a strong-willed, intelligent woman who won’t let anyone run her over- but she is more than willing to admit when she’s wrong, and has fun with occasionally wearing a nice dress or messing with her hair.


Felicity: Jessie, Rowan, Lucy.

     Jessie is the first character I ever created from the very first story I wrote. Rowan is from my current ongoing story called “Undecided.” Lucy is a created character that I decided to add to a fanfiction of mine that I was trying to write during NaNoWriMo.

      Jessie: Jessie is memorable to me because she was one of the first characters that I ever created- and she was also blind. Not to mention that her best friend was kidnapped. So that was interesting, to say the least, looking back at that old story… (no pun intended). But other than that she was blind, she’s also stuck with me because of all the character I poured into her. She was kind and sweet but at the same could sass you off like no other if she decided to. I wrote her almost 7-8  years ago, so a lot of her backstory is foggy for me, but she’s still stuck with me all these years. So I’d say that’s a testament to how much I loved her and/or how much care I put into making her.

        Rowan: Whoops. I think I might have developed a crush on my own character. Rowan is my protagonist in “Undecided-” he’s an introverted thinker with a knack for mechanics and electric gizmos. Since he lives in the future, he gets to play with hover-motor bikes and EMPs (or Electromagnetic Pulse) whenever he isn’t running from the corrupt government or trying to break up a fight between the two supporting characters. He’s memorable for me because he’s incredibly smart, loyal, quick thinking, and he isn’t the only person that the plot revolves around (even though he probably wants it that way). I see too many stories where EVERYTHING falls on the shoulders on the main protagonist- and when you’re dealing with revolutions or rebellions, it just isn’t realistic. Either that or you have one burned out character that needs to be admitted in the mental ward after everything is said and done with. He’s sarcastic, so I find his dialogue fun to write. 😀

          Lucy: Lucy might have a sweet name, but she’s 5 feet and 3 inches of pure gothy sass. She works as a server in the highly esteemed Phantomhive manor. She cleans up after her co-workers’ messes on a daily basis so that might be part of the reason why she’s salty and ready to fly off the handle at any given moment. She’s memorable to me because though I made her a ball of fire, she isn’t like that all the time- she’s quite intelligent and usually knows when and when not to spout off to keep the head butler’s annoyance to a minimum. And because of this, she either first seems a little shy or quiet when in reality she’s a spitfirey personality. However, It’s still not a good idea to try her patience. She’ll rake you across the coals when you deserve it.    

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