Being Production Correspondent for a Local Theater

About three months ago, my local theater decided to produce a show called 13 the Musical. While I wanted to be involved, I really didn’t have enough time. My director realized this and offered me the job of Production Correspondent, the first that she’s ever had. What I do is research the show and write blog posts on it. I also interview the cast from time to time, and I’ve also gotten the opportunity to work with the writer of the show, a professional beatboxer, and a man who’s been on Broadway and is writing a new show.

Through this, I have gotten a lot more comfortable talking to people, and have learned not to wait on others for something that I personally need to get done, even if it involves them. I apologize that this is a short post, but I will link to you to the blog to see the work that I’ve been doing.

If you are near a theater or any community organization, see how you can get involved with your writing talent. It will pay off. Feel free to comment here or on the other blog on my work. I hope you enjoy it!

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