March Group Post: Writing Prompts

Here are some writing prompts that we have come up with for your enjoyment. I challenge you today to pick a writing prompt and write a story. Comment below which one you chose, or if one inspired you to write.


      Julianna “I’ve never doubted my skill as a(n) ______. In fact, sometimes it’s the only thing I think I’m good at. But ever since that new girl showed up…I know something is wrong with one of us. I’m just praying that it’s her.”

     Melayna- Look up a parable in the Bible. Write a short story containing the same moral as that parable.

       Becca- We were on opposite sides of the war. Everyone thought that we hated each other. OR I didn’t realize that I was signing my life away until after I wrote my name on that fateful piece of parchment.

      Felicity-  Find an excerpt or scene of a story you really love, then write your character into that scene. How would they feel? How would they react?

~Happy Writing! 🙂

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