Short Story Prompts

I love writing. I really do. Whenever I am stressed, or feel like procrastinating on an important essay, I always go to my google docs and write, even if it’s just a short, random snippet of something. I actually have a document titled “random” and it’s filled with unfinished short stories about the most random things. One is about a vampire who doesn’t know he’s a vampire, another is about if we all had pet dragons, and my favorite is about someone named Banana Man.

However, I always seem to run short on ideas. You know you’re getting pretty desperate when your best idea is about a pizza delivery guy who’s secretly in the mafia. So when I run out of story ideas, I usually head over to pinterest or tumblr (sometimes for hours) and find story ideas.

Well, today, I decided to try to get my own creative juices flowing and give you guys some short story prompts from a few different genres.. These were super fun to think of, and I highly recommend, even if you don’t have time to write, to just sit down and think of story ideas. Some may be lame, some may be Barnes & Noble novel worthy, but the important thing is: you’re still thinking, you’re still writing, and you’re not giving up.


This genre is probably one of the easiest to write and easiest to think of because anything goes!

D R A G O N  A U

An alternate universe where dragons are normal creatures and getting a pet dragon is just as common as getting a pet dog. The dragons could be huge creatures, little pets about the size of a puppy, or even tiny dragons like a little flying lizard. There’s a lot of different ways you can play with this and make it your own.

T R E E S  A U

Alternate universe where trees are alive, like floral giants. Perhaps each town/realm/country could have a designated tree protector. I’ve actually written a few short stories with this idea and it’s really fun. Perfect for a short story fairy-ish world.

W I N G S  A U

Probably one of my favorite fantasy ideas, this is an alternate universe where everyone has wings. You could do it in a completely fantasy world, or, my preference, would be a world that functions almost exactly like ours, except everyone, or maybe only part of the population, has wings. Everyone could have different sized, colored, or patterned wings. Like with the dragon au, you can really play with this idea and customize it however you want.


I don’t usually write a lot of romance, in the traditional sense. My idea of romance is short, cute stories (usually about fictional ships) without any mushy gushy stuff. (Gosh I sound like a 7-year-old)


Person A can’t speak, they can only sing or play music. They’re kind of an outsider because of their “disability”, but person B notices them and, well, you can decide the rest. I can think of a lot of endings for this prompt, and I couldn’t decide on one.

R O B I N  H O O D

Story with a sort of modern Robin Hood. Person A is the modern Robin Hood, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, and person B is a policeman/woman trying to catch person A. When person B finally catches person A, they find out “Robin Hood” is actually the good guy and joins person A.


I guess these prompts would fit into the “fantasy” genre, but I put them down as “Myths” because they are mostly based off of old myths. (Writing tip: Ancient Greek, Roman, or Gaelic myths are great for finding story ideas)

W E R E W O L F  A U

An old myth says that werewolves can be turned human again if someone who truly loves and trusts them calls their name… Or if you throw their human clothes at them, they turn back. I think this could be really funny, having a werewolf kid and the grandmother is constantly throwing his clothes back at him. Especially if it’s just in a normal world, normal neighborhood, and the grandma is trying to keep control of her werewolf kid.

V A M P I R E  A U

Like I mentioned above, this is about a vampire who doesn’t really know they’re a vampire. Burned by sunlight? Whatever, they just have sensitive skin. Eye color changes? Whatever, there are some weird genes on their mom’s side. Poisoned by garlic? Whatever, a lot of people develop allergies late in life. Again, this could be a mostly comical short story, maybe with the main characters friend trying to help them out.

Well, it’s almost 10 pm so I’m kinda running out of ideas… but i hope you liked those ones and can write some great stories with them!




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