Is it Time to Panic Yet? Preparing for Camp NaNo

So, we’re two days out from Camp NaNoWriMo, the mini version of National Novel Writing Month.

And if you’re as insane as 99.99% of writers are, you haven’t planned yet.

Okay, how can you prepare for Camp NaNo with two days, you ask me? Since you all know my favorite things are lists, here you go!

  1. Try to write a short outline for the basic plot beats of your story. No, I’m not saying to write a detailed description of every single thing that’ll happen in your story- realistically, you won’t get through it all. Major stuff, though. Stuff like ‘what’s our opening chapter’ and a couple sentences on what each chapter will contain.
  2. Dive into characters! You don’t want to be trying to figure out what your characters would do in a given scenario.. while trying to write. Trust me on this. Figure out how they look, what clothing they wear normally, their one or two major flaws, and how they react to stress. You’ll thank me for it.
  3. Plan ahead with work/school/whatever. For NaNoWriMo in November, I made a list of every single assignment and major project I had due during November by due date on a Word document table, then went back through and created one of when I should realistically be completing things so I’m not procrastinating. I haven’t done this for April, because my goal is smaller (I’m revising instead of doing a fresh draft), but it was the number one way I managed my time.
  4. Get the support of friends and family! You’re going to need it. Yes, you’ll probably hate them for a little bit when they ask you ‘how goes the writing?’ or ‘can I read it yet?’, but there’s nothing like knowing someone’s going to ask you about it to stop you from procrastinating.
  5. Finally, just breathe! You can get it done. Plus, you don’t have to go for the generic 50,000 words! Set a goal that works for you at this specific time.

Good luck, everyone! (And if you want to add me on the website, here’s a link to my camper profile!) Happy writing!

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