How to Take Care of Your Hare(s)

You probably looked at the title of this post and started scratching your head. Don’t worry- I am too. So brace yourselves for a wild and wacky adventure on what happens when a writing blogger runs out of ideas.

-Prepare yourselves for the extensive guide on how to take care of your plot bunnies!


#1. Make sure they have a safe pen to call a home

Plot bunnies are the most mischievious breed of rabbits there are out there. They either constantly escape, hide, or are constantly eaten by stress foxes, procrastination hawks, unplanned problem wolves, and life bears. So you need to make sure that their pen is the safest you can make it.

A good way to make sure that their pen is safe is by making time in your shedule that you set aside, and try your darndest to make sure that this time isn’t interrupted. It’s not easy if you’re a parent, full time student, or a working student. But it’s necessary if you want your pen to be the most safe for your plot bunny to hop around and grow in.

Another good way to make your pen safe is to pull out distraction weeds. Plot bunnies love to hide in these. That’s okay for a little while because you can usually find them again, but if there are too many weeds, it disguises the fact that your bunny might have already escaped the pen. So whatever time you can dedicate to writing, make sure that the distraction weeds have been yanked and cleaned out of the bunny pen.


#2. Also be sure to feed them

Plot bunnies have high metabolisms, so they need to be fed constantly on a regular basis. Inspiration carrots are their favorite, but even feeding them too many of those aren’t extremely healthy because those carrots have too much sugar in them and are burned off too quickly in their little bunny stomachs. So including discipline alfalfa hay and planning pellets are a must for their diet.


#3. Spend time with your fuzzy friends!

Part of the fun of being a proud owner of a plot bunny(ies) is spending time with them! Make sure they get a lot of love and attention. They’re more social then regular rabbits, so there’s a very high possibility they might die of loniness if left alone too long.


#4. Uh-oh- I’m drowning in bunnies!

The thing about plot bunnies is that they reproduce like crazy. You’ll look at the pen one day to find that your 3 bunnies have now somehow multiplied into 10.

You need to keep your plot bunny population in check, or you won’t be able to properly take care of any of them after awhile. Giving them away or letting a friend take care of them (a.k.a writing the idea down on a piece of paper to use at a later time) are the best ways to deal with the extra rabbits. Then when your old rabbits are dead after a long life of being pampered and loved by you, you can take in new plot rabbits to love and care for.


#5. Take some time to rest every now and then

Taking care of your hares can be a demanding job, but you need some time to rest yourself. Letting your brain relax is just as important as the rest of the points I brought up here- otherwise you’re too exausted to take care of your plot bunnies. So make sure to sit back and enjoy something else that isn’t your rabbits every once in awhile.


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~Felicity Annora

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