Waking Nightmares Part 2 Group Story

See the first part of the story: Waking Nightmares Pt. 1

“You’re weak,” the wind whispers in my ear. “You knew better than to become so attached to the things of the world, and now you’re here away from it all.”

A memory flashes before my mind, me, empty-inside, putting my life into the electronic world.  My uncle, visiting, and me not even saying a word.

My mother had passed away only two years ago, and I was all that was left of her for her broken-hearted brother, and I ignored him for an imaginary material world. Is that why I’m here?

Had my selfishness blinded me so that I waded further into the abyss? I shuddered in revulsion at the person I had become.

The wind brushes along my side encouragingly as if I’m starting to get on the right track.

“Okay,” I muster up a somewhat calm voice. “What do I do to get out of here?”

The gentle wind halts, causing the arid desert climate to engulf me.  I choke on my own breath.

My eyes burn like acid has been poured down my face.  I can’t see.  Stumbling, I hold my hands out in front of me to catch me if I fall.

My body jolts as my hands crash into the splintering trunk of a tree.

Then I hear a strange noise behind me. I whirl around, but can’t spot anything.  

I extend my hands in front of me, searching for the tree, but all I feel is the gentle sway of a dress.

“Good present, my dear,” A melodic voice chants in front of me.

“Good present?” I question.

“Yes, dear, I can’t say good morning, good day or anything of the sort because we are not in a timely world; we exist merely in the now.”

I nod my head slowly as I try to comprehend what she means by that statement.

The woman takes a deep breath. “It means you are outside of time, love.” Her sarcasm is not easily hidden.  

“Are you the one who sent me here?” My voice rages with emotion.

“I summoned your spirit yes,” Her melodic voice wavers. “Your body is still at home; no one knows you are gone, so I did not really disrupt anyone but you, and you will thank me later.”

I sigh. My mind is too exhausted to fight right now. “What do you want from me then?”

“It is not necessarily what I want, but what you need,” taking a deep breath she continues. “ You are  lost, my dear child. You have fallen into the ways of the world, losing the will to truly live.  You had found the interest of the fantastic creatures as a young child because of your love for the world and your beautiful soul; therefore, your lack of life has caused us much grief, and we have come to set you free.”

“What if I don’t want to change?”


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