Gone With the Wind Movie Review

Good morning everyone! I will be beginning the month of June by discussing the movie based on my all time favorite book.

Gone With the Wind is an ingenious story set during the time of the Civil War in America.  The main character is intentionally unlikable while the other major characters all have their lovable quirks.  The writing in this book is phenomenal, having one of my most loved first lines, “Scarlet O’Hara was not beautiful.”

Based on this brief selection of my many praises for the book, it should not come as a surprise to you that I would like to say a few words to the director of the highly-acclaimed movie, Gone With the Wind. 

I am not saying that the movie itself was a bad rendition of the story, but it is missing quite a few key parts. I think the director deserves some praises for making the characters portrayed so well, and not messing up the overall story line, but in my personal opinion the development of Scarlet and Rhett’s relationship was cut short and messed up due to the fact that Scarlet’s two other children were lacking from the movie.

I believe that those two children played important roles in the story since it was originally because of them that Rhett became so close to the family, and eventually led to his departure from it because of Scarlet’s intense desire not to have more children and deliberate act of not caring for the ones she already had.

I apologize for this brief rant, but I believe that even characters as minor as Scarlet’s two children have a major impact on the development of any story.

What would you change about the movie, Gone With the Wind? 


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