Guest Post by Natalie – Storytelling

One of the most important parts of storytelling is the story you’re trying to tell. Unfortunately, as writers (myself included) get really into the struggle of plots and characters and worlds, they tend to forget why the story exists in the first place. Granted, many stories spring to life because of a picture or a song or a cool character/plot line. These are valid stories and I have worked with many of them myself. Other times, however, a writer may begin a story because she has a message/story or an emotion that she wants to convey.

Some stories relate to a real life, everyday struggle. Even in fantasy worlds, there are still relatable aspects of the actual “story” or “moral” of the story.

Maybe you’ve based a character off yourself or maybe you created an antagonist that you see eye to eye with. Maybe your story is completely about you. Sometimes the best way to get through your own issues when you have no idea what to do is to sit down and write about it. Make it somebody else’s problem. See how they defeat it. Use their victory as courage.

This post is short, I know, but it has a purpose. It’s a reminder to every writer out there, even if they don’t know this applies to them. It does.

Remember why you’re writing. Remember the story. Think beyond your plot holes and dusty manuscripts (or lack of plot and manuscripts if you’re anything like me). Fight for your characters and fight for the people who could be touched by your message. Even a story you’re writing because of plots and characters means something. If it means something to you, chances are it will mean even more to someone else.

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