Write For You

We can talk as much as we want about writer’s block – dare I say it aloud? – and how it is holding us back. I can try to give you plans for fixing your plot holes or coming up with a better villain. I can tell you that your writing is important and that we need your story or poem in the world.

As nice as those things are, I can’t fix your problems. Guys, I can’t figure out how to fix my problems sometimes. Not the technical ones anyway. Technical problems are the ones you can only learn to fix after you’ve already pushed through the rough patch. At some point, you’ll look back at the work you did; you’ll stare at your blood, sweat and tears in the mirror; you’ll finally realize how you got through it all. The truth is, every writer is different. We each have different writing styles and voices, strengths and weaknesses, ideas and opinions, and lights and darknesses.

The one thought I’ve always held onto when I can’t write one more word is this:

I know who I’m writing for. I know I’m writing because I want to write. Not because somebody is telling me that I have “talent” or “potential” or “a good idea”. No, no, and nope. I’m choosing to sit at that computer and pour my soul onto a page. I’m writing for me, myself, and…okay, my writing bucket list every once in a while. 

I’m not a pep-talker or a cheerleader or even an optimist, for that matter. I don’t know if my writing will take off or get me anywhere. Ultimately, that’s not what matters most. Believe me, I would be so happy if an idea or novel of mine gets turned into a TV show or movie. I would love to have my own book signing and hold a copy of my brain-child (do people still use that word?) in my hand. After all that, I’m not writing for you, and I’m not writing for your second cousin’s sister’s boyfriend’s fish.

The best piece of advice I can give to you is to just keep plugging along. Care a little less about your word count and your page count and your reads/votes on Wattpad. If you don’t finish your story, how is it ever going to get turned into a TV show? I have to remind myself of this every time I sit down to write.

Your writing matters. Remember that.

– Natalie



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