Meet our team!

Rebecca M, Founder of Whimsical Writers – Rebecca has been writing for 7, almost 8, years now. Her passion is writing fantasy, but she also really enjoys historical fiction and the occasional mystery book. In September 2016, she completed the second draft of her novel, Hidden Behind the Tower, a YA fantasy story exploring the thin line between good and evil. A few unhealthy obsessions of hers are all things chocolate, the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings book series, and the Broadway musical Wicked. Rebecca lives with her family and her sweet goldendoodle, Abby.

Megan M, Publicity Manager – Megan is Rebecca’s younger sister, and they have always enjoyed writing and working together. Although Megan is not a huge writer and reader, she has a very creative mind and is organized. She enjoys soccer, the Land of Stories series, and the television series Gilmore Girls. She also enjoys excessive sarcasm and baking.

Melayna M, Writer – Melayna began writing at the age of 5. As with most upcoming authors, she began by writing simple poems and short stories. She is now in the process of publishing her first novel, a Christian fiction book called “Reborn”, and writing her second novel. Melayna lives in Georgia with her 6 younger siblings. She enjoys running, dancing, and working with special needs children.

Susanna Q, Writer – Susanna has been a writer from the tender age of 6, when she would have short story writing contests with her sister. A genre that can always grab her attention is murder-mystery, which explains why Agatha Christie is her favorite author. She is currently working on her own murder mystery, “Not What You Thought,” with her cousin and best friend. Susanna resides near the sunny beaches of California with her family and adorable dog, Daniel.

Julia H, Writer – Julia is an off/on writer, relying on inspirational bursts to keep her writing alive. She’s been writing for several years and is currently working on a dystopian book series. (She has an active blog, also on WordPress, which she uses to vent about her favorite books and movies: monkeyeverythingblog.wordpress.com) Along with dystopian, Julia enjoys Sci-fi, fantasy, and murder mysteries. Of course, she is a complete movie-watcher and enjoys adding cinematic elements to her writing. Besides movies, Julia is an avid book reader, limiting the amount of books digested to approximately 1-2 a day. Along with mocha fraps and yummy food, her favorite writing buddies are her two miniature dogs who are unprejudiced against anything she writes.

Felicity A, Writer – Felicity is a homeschooled extrovert that enjoys spending time with friends (both internet and real life) and writing. She frequently goes on random writing binges then will take a break for a few months to pursue whatever else catches her eye at that moment in time. She enjoys any genre as long as it’s presented well- but she herself usually finds herself writing YA romance, action, sci-fi, and comedy the most. You’ll find her soaking in the sun stroking her orange fluffy cat when the weather permits it; either binging youtube, singing, drawing, or writing.

Natalie A, Writer – Natalie is a socially awkward aspiring novelist who is always looking for a new story to create. She originally wrote a lot of short, horse-related stories but now focuses her efforts on making way too many characters. Most of her stories are adventure, science fiction, and fantasy, but she is trying to branch out into the world of thrillers and drama. Outside of writing, Natalie tries to play cello, bakes, reads, and cuddles with her tuxedo cat, Mittens. The rest of her time is spent procrastinating, listening to music of all genres, and writing posts for her personal blog.